UTA Aims to Accelerate Latino Student Success

University of Texas at Arlington continues involvement with Excelencia in Education as a leadership partner. Not only is President Jennifer Cowly a member of Presidents for Latino Student Success, but UTA also received the Seal of Excelencia back in 2022. 

Excelencia in Education, in collaboration with Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU), released an annual analysis regarding Hispanic-serving Institutions (HSI). Community colleges make up 40% of HSIs, with 19 emerging ones in North Carolina.

President Ricardo J Solis of South Texas College joins Excelencia in Education, stating: “At STC, we believe that a higher education is for everyone, so through our new affiliation with Presidents for Latino Student Success, we’ll be able to share our best practices and learn from other institutional leaders nationwide on how we can better improve and enhance our initiatives and strategies.”  

Portland State University’s President, Ann Cudd, joins 150 university leaders as a part of Excelencia in Education’s Presidents for Latino Student Success network.

Wright College’s Engineering and Computer Science program was recognized as an example of Excelencia in Education in 2023. Dean Dr. Doris Espiritu shared the program’s and spoke on a panel with other education leaders.

The degree completion gap continues to increase between Latino students and their White counterparts. The U.S. must promote more programs and initiatives to uplift Latino students, close the gap, and see change by 2030.

This Diverse podcast features President Dr. Kimberly Britt of Phoenix College, discussing how the college, recognized with Excelencia in Education’s 2023 Seal of Excelencia, is committed to Latino student empowerment.

Cal State University, Los Angeles–one of nine universities to receive this award–received the Seal of Excelencia in September 2023 for its positive initiatives towards representation, financial support, and degree completion for Latino students.

Can you return to a place you’ve never been? Annabelle Manzo, a second-year Scholar, shares a little bit more about what it’s like preparing to arrive on campus and reflects on completing her first year of college through distance learning.

The Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute proudly held a lecture which showcased Dr. Ana Villarreal’s work, supporting the institute’s mission to expose their fellow peers to LatinX-centered innovative research.

According to a report from Excelencia in Education, Hispanic-Serving Institutions are on the rise while still facing challenges, such as lack of infrastructure and maintenance. 

To accelerate Latino Student success, Rutgers University–Newark’s is collaborating with Excelencia In Education. Chancellor Nancy Cantor joins Presidents for Latino Student Success, a powerful network of college leaders aiming to intentionally support the Latino student community.

Indiana University Northwest completed the Excelencia in Education’s Seal Serving Institutional Transformation Assessment, proving its continued commitment and intention to serve its Latino student population.

The Presidents for Latino Student Success (P4LSS) work alongside a coalition of colleges, universities, and leaders to enhance Latino student success in higher education.

Being one of the top schools for Hispanic and Latino-identifying students, the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) received the Seal of Excelencia in September 2023 for its various accompaniments.

Find out which U.S. colleges and universities earned the prestigious 2023 Seal of Excelencia from Excelencia in Education. Join us in honoring these institutions for their incredible achievements.

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