Empower Students

More than half of the highly academically qualified yet low-income Latino students are undermatching or going to schools that they are overqualified for.

One might think these students would flourish at these less challenging schools, but the opposite is happening. Students are not graduating from these schools because of a lack of resources, opportunities, and meaningful connections. These issues are something that the Gilbert and Jacki Cisneros Foundation addresses through the creation of the George Washington University Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute.

The institute opened on May 11, 2016, to help qualified students attain academic achievements, build leadership skills, and engage in a long-term commitment to making a difference within the Hispanic community. The institute encompasses pre-college summer programs, access to resources and activities, and more.

The George Washington Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute aims to be a top research institute with a national reputation. The institute hosts events that will bring scholars and others from around the nation to discuss topics that affect the Hispanic community. The George Washington Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute wants to be a national think tank for the Hispanic community and be an active presence on the G.W. campus for the students. We aim to provide scholarships and give students a safe place to come together to study, build friendships, become the leaders of tomorrow, and get involved in campus life, which also increases graduation rates. In short, we want to be a ‘home away from home’ for these students.

For the sake of our democracy and our nation, it’s important that we spread the awareness that these educational opportunities exist for those in the Latinx community.